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Electric power tools STATUS

Our product philosophy is adopted and developed by the international team leaded by italian designers with rich experience and knowledge in modern design-engineering process of developing electrical products, and, certainly, traditionally being trade setter in ergonomics and exterior design of the power tools fashion and technology. Optimal value for money, wide assortment offered within STATUS three main product segments (Premium, Classic, Heavy Duty) are key factors making our product competitive and hence being selected by large number of different level workers-from technicians to advanced masters. We do not separate our different segments' products by principle of exterior design, as all STATUS tools are product with same-level high quality materials and parts. Tools are differentiated by the specialization and price optimization regarding the field of application.

PREMIUM - mainstream segment in STATUS power tools range. These are high-efficient and quality power tools, gear box covers are made of aluminium or magnesium alloy. Switches and other parts have increased reliability. Recommended for application in construction works as professional instrument.

CLASSIC - semiprofessional power tools, best choice for the maintenance and construction engineering teams as well as making construction maintenance works on your own account.

HEAVY DUTY - is extremely durable and reliable power tools, designed for solid work and long life time. Recommended for professionals carrying out construction and installation works under supersevere conditions as well as for industrial scale works.

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